Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Predictive Health - A new phenomenon

I was randomly selected to participate in a 5-year clinical trials study which is sponsored by The Emory/Georgia Tech Predictive Health Institute.

Predictive Health (according to the website) "is a new and innovative model of health care that focuses on maintaining health rather than treating disease."

"The institute aims to change the future of healthcare by creating a model of health using new tools of bioscience to identify and measure risks and deviations from health..."

Today was my first visit and I started off by signing the informed consent. The visit went very well. After finding out that 10 test tubes of my blood was needed - I instantly went into Shrek mode where Donkey kept asking: "are we there yet?" The blood draw was abnormally long, then we realized it was because my arm was not positioned correctly...

The "dramatic" blood draw process went smoothly because the nurse and health partners were very friendly and supportive. This is the theme of Predictive Health at the Center for Health Discovery and Well Being - support and relationship building. Patients are more willing to go to follow up appointments to find out more about themselves and to learn how to become healthier or stay healthy - a big plus for lower healthcare costs and insurance premiums in the future.

My first visit was indeed a happy ending - no immediate concerns, low blood pressure, normal BMI and body mineral content, and of course a free healthy breakfast - apple juice, 2 bottles of water, and a cereal bar. Thank you Emory Center for Discovery and Well Being - I look forward to my next visit and my next step towards a more healthy lifestyle.

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