Thursday, July 1, 2010

iPhone use in Healthcare

So I was surfing the app store on my iPhone and saw an interesting app called JotNot Pro. It boasted scanning capability. I was skeptical at first but then read the amazing reviews about this app. I went ahead and bought the app for under $3 and have been using it at work.

If coworkers leave me hand written notes, I scan the note using JotNot and it converts the scanned image (from the iPhone camera) into a PDF which I attach to email and reference in my feedback response.

As far as healthcare goes, it would be nice to incorporate this scanning application to convert clinical documentation into PDFs so information can be stored easily or transmitted easily - while maintaining HIPAA rules of course. Looking forward to the iPad 2 which will have picture/video functionality to make this possible and more interactive and user friendly.

It completely replaces the need to fax and keep paper lying around the office. It's to use.

To use JotNot, you take a picture of the document with your iPhone. Then you crop the document out (this helps if there are other items in the picture like coffee cups, other docs, etc). Finally, convert the document to a PDF and save! All of this is done in one app - really quickly! Try it out.

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