Monday, April 26, 2010


I really enjoy the iPad! I remember Steve Jobs' keynote and how excited I was about the iPad launch. I also remember the pre-order date falling on my birthday - could this be a sign that the iPad was meant for me?

I couldn't sleep the night before the iPad launch because of my excitement. I woke up at 6 am and then left to the apple store at 7 am. I waited in line for an hour and quickly made friends with some people in line as we shared something in common: our iPhone and its soon to be "bigger brother."

Pros of my iPad:

Incredible piece of technology that creates a big "wow" every time I turn it on.
A fantastic organizer that streams seamlessly with my work email and calendar - great business/enterprise tool.
A digital powerhouse for media - I never had a digital photo album but now I do, oh and it plays music and surfs the internet could I forget, it's my library of books too...
Clinical/Medical application potential - I am very excited to see how the ipad will be used by clinicians to review electronic medical records/charts/scans/etc. What would be really cool too Is using the iPad as a way to register patients (instead of waiting at the front desk, the patient can use the iPad, have a seat, and fill out a standard questionnaire which will feed into the registration system). As far as billing, patients/customers are bedazzled by fancy technology like Apple's iphone credit card machine - we are actually more willing to pay - just to see how it works!

Cons: needs camera/video functionality

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